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How to Dress for a Wedding? Dress Code and Style Tips for the Right Outfit on Every Occasion

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How to Dress for a Wedding? Dress Code and Style Tips for the Right Outfit on Every Occasion

When receiving an invitation to a wedding, the first question on the guest’s mind is, “What should I wear?” Certainly, choosing the right outfit is crucial to feeling comfortable at such an important event, whether it takes place in a beautiful wedding location on Lake Garda or in the mountains. In this guide, we will explore all aspects to consider, from the details of the location and season to the time of day and the choice of colors and accessories to pair.

Choosing the Right Outfit Based on the Ceremony Location

VillaCariola allestimento matrimonio in terrazza

The wedding venue is the starting point for choosing the outfit. For a church ceremony, opt for more formal and classic attire, and always remember that having shoulders covered is essential in church: so, never forget a stole, a bolero, or a jacket to wear during the ceremony. If the wedding takes place at a farmhouse, you can go for a more boho-chic look in pastel colors or floral prints, pairing the outfit with medium-heeled shoes with a squared shape for walking safely on grass and gravel. For an ancient villa (such as in the photo: Villa Cariola) or a castle, a more formal look is preferable, with solid colors, hemlines not higher than the knee, hair gathered, and not too flashy jewelry – it’s better to focus on a single detail rather than a set.

The Best Look According to the Season

Season and temperature play crucial roles in clothing choices. In spring and summer, for example, in a location on Lake Garda, you can wear lightweight fabrics, preferably in natural fibers and pastel tones for the day, and solid hues for the evening. In autumn and winter, on the other hand, opt for outfits with jackets or overcoats to layer over the clothes. Tailored suits are also acceptable, as long as they are not office-like; the fabrics should be precious, preferably shiny, and the colors can range from shades of blue to burgundy or nuances like petroleum or emerald green. The cut of the garments should be formal and elegant.

Villa Cariola: Cerimonia in terrazza

Wedding Time? Here's How the Outfit Changes

The wedding time will influence your look, especially in the choice of hem length and fabrics. For morning ceremonies, lightweight fabrics are preferred, with romantic cuts featuring ruffles and skirts no shorter than the knee and no longer than mid-calf. For afternoon weddings, choose a semi-formal look with ¾ skirts, top suits, palazzo pants, and some jewel details or opt for doubled lace tops. For evening ceremonies, a long dress is recommended, with sequins, shiny fabrics, jewel details, and stiletto heels.

Matching Shoes

Shoes are an important detail of your outfit. Opt for elegant and comfortable footwear. Stiletto heels or jewel sandals are perfect for formal events, while for more informal weddings, you can choose medium and squared heels or espadrille sandals. The indecisive can opt for nude pumps in a shade matching their skin tone – an elegant, refined solution with the advantage of creating an optical illusion that elongates the leg!

Details Make the Difference: Matching Jewelry and Accessories

For daytime ceremonies, prefer discreet jewelry and mini bags in coordination with the clothing or small chain shoulder bags. For evening ceremonies, you can dare more with flashy jewelry, sparkling details, hair accessories like hairpins or headbands decorated with pearls or crystals, and jewel handbags. Make sure the accessories harmonize with your clothing and are not excessive – prefer one significant detail over an overloaded look.

After exploring this detailed guide, choosing the perfect look for the wedding you are invited to will be simpler. You can approach every event with confidence and style. Always remember to adapt your attire to the location, season, and time, following the advice on carefully choosing colors, shoes, and accessories.

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Villa Cariola matrimonio lago di garda
Hochzeitszeremonie in der Villa Cariola