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The services

To make your stay unique, we have thought of all the services that would make it unforgettable. For those who want relaxation, excellent cuisine and comfort, here are a series of activities which are available to enjoy the experience of a stay full of fun and new experiences.


rental and storage

Rent your bike to spend an amazing family afternoon, admiring the beauties which made Valpolicella an invaluable inheritance! The hotel is provided with a bike rental of standard and electric bicycles and a storage for who’s already travelling equipped. Excursions and bicycle trips are the most suitable experiences to explore the surrounding territory.



What do you love to do when you’re giving yourself the opportunity to relax?
Which experiences would you like to try? In Villa Cariola you will spend your dream holiday, choosing the most suitable activities for you.
Thanks to our staff, always at your disposal, we can satisfy every desire, making your dreams come true.

Outdoor sauna

outside in the park

Enjoying a restoring sauna has never been so relaxing: the green hills on the horizon and the wide park of Villa Cariola surround a place of peace and relax.

To restart with the right energy and release the daily tension, Villa Cariola’s outdoor sauna will give you comfort and pleasure.



There’s nothing better to rediscover your inner peace and the maximum relax than indulging in a massage treatment directly in your room. The personal expert at your service to regenate body and soul whitout having to live your room in Villa Cariola.